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I'm Steve DeWinter, the founder of Book-Rover™.

I'm glad you are interested in activating your Volume Listing Plan and I look forward to a long and rewarding partnership to help you provide books to your reviewers.

By far, the Volume Listing Plan is your best bet for listing multiple titles each month as it lowers your individual listing prices (by quite a lot) and allows you to leverage the power that comes with not doing this alone, yet without having to deal with those pesky minimum listing requirements that refuse to acknowledge the natural ebb and flow of publishing.

It couldn't be easier to start listing one or one hundred books this month (but if you are listing only one book at a time, I suggest the individual plan as it is cheaper overall for that).

Use the form below to activate your Volume Listing Plan today and start listing books as soon as you have your valid CODE (which I will personally email to you as soon as I am notified you joined us and activated your Volume Listing Plan).