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Publishers understand that reviews are a necessary and vital part of their book release and promotion strategy and are thus excited to provide books to professional book reviewers (before they are available to the general public) to guarantee that reviews will be out in time to promote their new releases.

Joining as a Professional Book Reviewer is only for those who wish to receive access to electronic Advance Reader Copies (eARC) of books not yet published. These books are pre-publication versions and are often uncorrected proofs which may contain text errors, typos, or formatting issues. Before posting any quotations in your reviews, be sure to check against the final published versions.

This FREE book club is for only available to professional reviewers who consistently provide constructive and thoughtful reviews of books and are willing to post these reviews before or as close to the publication date as possible. As a member of this exclusive book club, you will also have access to books already published but still looking for reviews.

If this describes you, then fill out the request form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible to inform you if you are approved as an official Book-Rover™ Professional Book Reviewer.

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